The key to keeping maintenance costs down, is prevention rather than cure. Smaller spends in the right maintenance areas will avoid large expensive headaches later.

Do you have a commercial space that needs revamping?

Company History

Whether you own the property, lease it, or manage it, some maintenance responsibilities are going to fall to you along the way. You can call a cheap, backyard handyman, or you can call a company with more than 12 years’ experience in commercial property maintenance. Do it right the first time, and save yourself the time, money, and headaches.

You want someone who’ll look out for your maintenance budget long-term, not just today. Someone who can propose cost-effective solutions for small issues, before they become large expensive issues.




Everyday maintenance
got you running ragged?

You need a maintenance company who do what they say they will, and will keep you informed along the way.
Imagine if your maintenance contractors always answered their phone? Or returned messages straight away, and emails within 24 hours? We’ve learned well that regular and thorough communication is what allows our Commercial Property Manager clients to keep their clients happy. Our commitment to our clients includes second-to-none communication, high quality workmanship, and trustworthy relationships.

We focus on building relationships with Commercial Property Managers, and the rest just flows.

Tenants asking for
maintenance to be done?

When we work for you, you get cost effectiveness, quality, and confidence.

Most commercial property owners have much more on their plate than just the maintenance needs of a tenancy they’ve leased out. However, tenants can overlook this, and place expectations on maintenance requirements that are difficult to achieve. Having Hallmark Commercial as your maintenance team can alleviate this.

With us as your trusted maintenance team, costs are kept reasonable, requests are actioned promptly, and headaches disappear.

Commercial Tenants –
Tenancy upkeep a pain?

Depending on your lease, some maintenance tasks may become your responsibility upon leasing a tenancy. Those responsibilities that do fall to you can be managed in a cost-effective manner, without too much fuss. To ensure your tenancy remains safe, and appealing, rely on the team at Hallmark Commercial to take care of all your maintenance responsibilities.

When you want it taken care of quickly, safely, properly, and at a fair price, call Hallmark Commercial.

Commercial Owner Occupier –
It pays to look after your own.

The commercial property your business owns is an asset. Like all assets, it requires a certain level of attention to maintain, and indeed increase its value. There may come a time when you want to capitalize on the value of your asset, and this becomes much more fruitful if the place is in great shape.

Pro-active maintenance, re-active maintenance, small refurbishments through to complete new fit outs. Whatever it is, call Hallmark Commercial first.


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