Since 2009, HALLMARK COMMERCIAL has been providing property services to Commercial Property Owners, Tenants, and Property Managers. A proud South Australian, family-owned business, where relationships are valued, quality is standard, and communication is key.

As the only company in Adelaide specialising specifically in end-of-lease works, De-Fits and Make-Goods are where we excel. We also offer complete fit-outs, or even a small renovation. You can trust the team at HALLMARK COMMERCIAL to provide a high level of service and quality.

Our focus on customer service and communication sets us apart from the competition. We understand that our clients don’t just want the work done, they want it done well, and they want to be kept informed along the way.

Company History

HALLMARK COMMERCIAL began life as a general handyman service in 2009. Our attention to detail and customer service soon saw us grow to take on more staff and larger jobs. We attracted more and more commercial work, and realised that this is where we excel over everyone else. Gaining a reputation for our ability to undertake de-fit and make-good work, we found ourselves being asked by our clients to project manage their end-of-lease works for them. Our niche as Adelaide’s de-fit and make-good specialists was forged.

Our Team

Doug Phillips

Commercial Property Consultant / Project Manager

Doug first began working on commercial property in 2001 as an apprentice Painter, before moving into general maintenance, and eventually Project Management. Unlike other Tradespeople though, Doug also has extensive experience in customer service-centric roles such as hospitality and sales. It’s these customer service skills that give Doug an edge over his competition. With more than 12 years’ experience managing projects, Doug has earned a reputation as one of Adelaide’s foremost specialists when it comes to the De-Fit and Make-Good of commercial property.

An ethically and socially responsible business is important to Doug. He is constantly looking for ways to reduce HALLMARK COMMERCIAL’s environmental footprint, while finding ways to benefit and contribute to the wider community’s wellbeing.

When he’s not in work mode, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, building sets and scenery for stage productions, and reviewing live performances for multiple publications.

Lisa Phillips

Office Manager

In 2013, Lisa joined HALLMARK COMMERCIAL after her previous role as the Administration Officer for a boutique building company. Lisa’s strong background in business management areas such as account keeping, general administration, and office management, made her the ideal addition to our team. Her diligence, attention to detail, and caring demeanor have seen Lisa become an integral part of our clients’ experience with us.

Lisa’s role allows her to liaise with all of HALLMARK COMMERCIAL’s customers, from the initial introductions through to completion. As a people-person, this is Lisa’s favourite part of her work.

Building strong relationships with clients, contractors, and our associates, is key to our success, and relationship-building is where Lisa excels.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys shopping, checking out new playgrounds with her children, baking, and trying new recipes (and she’s partial to a good Aussie soapy on TV too).


Hallmark Commercial undertakes the hands-on requirements of returning a commercial property back to leasable condition upon the ending of a lease. We make our customers lives easier by managing the whole project from start to finish.

The logistical responsibilities are assumed by us so that our clients achieve their objectives with as little input/effort as they desire. We protect our clients from the challenges that can arise during an end-of-lease project.

After assessing the required works, we organise the quotes, liaise with all parties for approval, schedule the trades, track the works, conduct quality control checks through-out, and facilitate the final handback.

Our clientele consists of Commercial Property Managers, Commercial Tenants ending a lease, and Commercial Landlords.

We free up our clients’ time and resources so that they can focus on what they need to, while we ensure that the obligations involved with ending the lease are met.


When a commercial lease is ending, we aim to be the easy and logical choice for Commercial Property Managers, Owners, and Tenants. Our commitment to the community is evident in our sustainable environmental considerations, and ethical philosophy and operating procedures. Hallmark Commercial’s focus is on being an asset to society, not a hindrance, and a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

Core Values

As a company, we believe that we have a duty to hold ourselves to the highest of values. Both professionally, and socially. Everyone we work with is treated with respect and dignity, and our finished results never come at the sacrifice of what is best for our society and planet. Our values are important to us, and as such they form the backbone of our operating strategy and philosophy. Consequently, our commitment to our values drives our operating manner.

Strong Ethics

We believe that running our business in an ethical manner is essential. It enables us to feel that we are an asset to our community, locally and globally. We use our business success to improve lives.

High Quality-Results

Our commitment to providing high-quality results means our customers always receive more than they ask and pay for. Hallmark Commercial then becomes the logical choice for our customers’ future needs.

Comprehensive Communication

Our specific customer type holds communication as a high priority, and as such we provide high levels of communication through-out our projects. Our customers are always informed and up to date, or they receive the answers they seek in quick fashion.

Concise Manner

Speed and timeliness are essential in our offering, but so is comprehensiveness. We manage time expediently, but we also pay attention to detail and utilise the best methods. Our attitude is that ‘best’ is always more important than ‘fastest’ or ‘easiest’.


Our service is easier to provide at a higher level of quality when trust forms part of the relationship. We form trust in the relationships with our clients by honouring our word. Trust takes time, diligence, and ethics, and allows for smooth, hassle-free projects.


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