Do you have a commercial space that needs revamping?

We’re the specialists in managing end-of-lease works. Whether you’re ending your lease, or you’re a Property Manager or Landlord with exiting tenants, we’re the de-fit and make-good experts.

When ending a commercial lease, it’s most common to find that the lease requires certain works to be undertaken on the property before it’s handed back to the owner. It might be a lot, or it might be very little. Either way, you want one company who can organise and manage it all for you.

As the specialists in end-of-lease works, we have the specific experience in project managing these works that other companies just don’t have.

Specialist experience

Thorough communication

Attention to detail

Property Manager

TENANTS VACATING? – We can help them meet their obligations.

When Tenants are exiting a commercial property, it’s understandable that their focus is not necessarily on their de-fit and make-good obligations. Introducing them to us, allows Property Managers confidence in knowing that all the obligations will be met, to a high standard, and in a practical timeframe.

Let us help your exiting tenants avoid creating headaches for anyone.

Property Owner


If your un-leased commercial property is not attracting the interest you’d like, it’s most likely in need of a little attention to make it more attractive. If potential tenants can’t picture their business in the property, they won’t sign. But you don’t want to undertake a full fit-out either, as that will reduce the pool of potential tenants who are suited.

We can strip the premises out, back to an empty shell, then undertake minimal work such as painting and flooring to entice potential tenants to sign on the dotted line. A simple de-fit and make-good might be all you need to get potential tenants interested.

Tenants Ending Lease


When it’s time to move on, you don’t want to be investing a lot of time, energy, and money into a premises you’re saying goodbye to. We can help you meet your end-of-lease obligations in a manner that takes all the headaches, fuss, and pain, away from you. We know how to keep costs down, we know how to meet timeframes, and we’ve been doing this for years.

Move on, confident in the knowledge that the price is right, the job will get done, and you no longer have to think about it.


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